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7 Steps to Seducing Your Fake Fiancé
(Bower Boys, Book 5)

What's worse than being fake engaged to a woman who despises you? Falling head over heels for her.


Larkin Gray hates me with the fire of ten thousand suns.


We haven’t seen each other in twelve years, but she’s still furious with me for breaking a promise to her…and she’s even prettier than I remember.


But there’s no undoing the damage I caused.


Since I can’t make amends, I avoid her lethal glare at all costs. Until I stumble upon her lying about having a fiancé to her ex, and I lose my ever-loving mind. Suddenly, I’m introducing myself as her betrothed and getting us invited to his wedding.


Predictably, Larkin is intent on making my life miserable, except this barbed banter is kind of fun. And the more time we spend together, the more we discover we have in common.


Then she kisses me to prove our relationship status and I damn near lose my heart.


I’m ready to go all in with Larkin, but she’s not the only one I hurt twelve years ago. Her intimidating brother has every reason to hate me too and doesn’t want me touching his sister. But my lips and tongue don’t count as hands. Right?


Trigger warning: Physical and emotional abuse. It’s also recommended that you read book four in the Bower Boys series, 4 HINTS YOU LOVE YOUR BEST FRIEND, before reading this heart-gripping story. 

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