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6 Clues_FINAL cover.jpg
6 Clues Your Nemesis Loves You
(Bower Boys, Book 3)

He spent ten years in witness protection. Now he’s spending every second trying to woo the woman he hurt.

In high school, Maggie had one rule for our secret relationship—we couldn't acknowledge each other in public. But every night, we’d meet at her family’s pond, where we'd talk and laugh and flirt.

Until I made a horrible mistake.

Over a decade later, I’m back in my hometown and some things haven’t changed. Maggie’s still infuriating and confusing, and absolutely stunning. Our chemistry is also still hotter than a four-alarm fire, and she’s intent on denying it.


I don’t blame her. The last night we saw each other I broke her trust, then I vanished into witness protection for ten years.

But there’s something else going on with her.

I recognize a secret when I see one, and her friends say she doesn’t do commitment. If I can get her to forgive me and open up, maybe she’ll break her rules and give us a second chance. Or she’ll light my heart on fire and dance around the flames…

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