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Off-Limits Crush
(One Wild Wish, Book #2)
Previously titled STUD
Opposites attract in the hilarious and hot romantic comedy United Indie Book Blog calls
"a MUST READ!!!!!!"

I, Ainsley Hall, am on a dating sabbatical. I’m focusing on me, reinventing myself and volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity build, but the definition of Eye Candy is swinging hammers in my face.

Corded forearms? Check.
Dimpled smile and bricks for abs? Check.
Funny and sweet and raised by his adorable grandmother? May as well just pass me smelling salts.

I will not be tempted by his understated charms. Especially since his vague past is waving all kinds of red flags. The last man I dated turned out to be as trustworthy as a rat.

But hanging out while volunteering isn’t dating, right? I’m pretty sure kissing is safe, too. And touching his sinful body is just doing my part for womankind. You know, for science.

Except now he’s taking me dancing and treating me to my favorite vegan foods, and did I mention he loves reading and watching old movies while we cuddle on his couch?

Reminder to self: men who keep secrets are bound to break my heart.

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