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“A fun mixture of magic, sensuality, and iconic pin-up girl style. The romance in New Orleans Rush will leave you smiling and filled with optimism.”

~ USA Today bestselling author Helen Hoang

Falling for your surly boss is a rotten idea. 

Letting him saw you in half is even worse…

Beatrice Baker may be a struggling artist, but she believes all hardships have silver linings...until she follows her boyfriend to New Orleans and finds him with another woman. Instead of turning those lemons into lemonade, she drinks lemon drop martinis and keys the wrong man’s car. 

Now she works for Huxley Marlow of the Marvelous Marlow Boys, getting shoved in boxes as an on-stage magician’s assistant. A cool job for some, but Bea’s been coerced into the role to cover her debt. She also maybe fantasizes about her boss’s adept hands and what else they can do. 

She absolutely will not fall for him, or kiss him senseless. Until she does. The scarred, enigmatic Huxley has unwittingly become her muse, unlocking her artistic dry spell, but his vague nightly activities are highly suspect. The last time Beatrice trusted a man, her bank account got drained and she almost got arrested. Surely this can’t end that badly...right?

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"Art and magic mesmerize in this endearing romance by Siskind....Like Huxley, readers won’t be able to resist falling under Bea’s spell."

~ Publisher’s Weekly

“New Orleans Rush is full of humor and explosive chemistry. This is a must read!”

~ USA Today bestselling Author Jennifer Blackwood

“Kelly Siskind knocks it out of the park with her evocative voice in this story of family, fun, and falling in love.”

~ USA Today bestselling author Ellis Leigh

"New Orleans Rush was a crazy, dreamy and perfect ride. The magic was in the words. Art was in the storytelling. This was an unforgettable romance."

~ PP's Bookshelf

"Bea and Huxley had chemistry in spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs...I rarely gush over books anymore, but in this case all I want to do is share how bright this book sparkles."

~ Smokin' Hot Book Blog 

German Edition

Coming May 4th, 2020

Poland Edition Coming Soon